The purpose of this agreement is to make our clients aware of the obligations and duties of each of the parties, as well as eventual civil, contractual and non-contractual liability on the occasion of the provision of the swing swing service.
    It is the obligation of the company providing the service to inform the clients of the regulations and security measures that are taken into account to develop in any activity, on the other hand it is the obligation of the clients to read, understand and attend to the stipulations and indications enshrined in this agreement carefully in order to anticipate any eventuality and be clear about the responsibility of each of the parties. The practice of swinging on a swing carries the possibility of suffering minor or serious physical injuries, or even death, therefore it is a free and spontaneous decision to practice it.
    Among the undersigned to know that COLUMPIO VALLE DE TENA (ZIP LINE EXPERIENCE S.L) with CIF: B-22418883 and domiciled at C/Mirador, 13 of Hoz de Jaca, province of Huesca, operating company, who for the purposes of this contract will be called the OPERATOR of one part; and from the other

    Hereinafter the CLIENT, which for the purposes of this contract will be called the PARTICIPANT, this agreement of wills is entered into, namely:

    FIRST CLAUSE.- Parties: The OPERATOR, it is understood that it supplies the necessary equipment and resources for the development of the activities, understood as owners, employees, instructors, maintenance people, as well as equipment suppliers and component parts of the installation, on the other hand it is understood that it is the PARTICIPANT who takes the swing balancing services.

    SECOND CLAUSE.- Acceptance of risk responsibility: The participant declares to know that swinging and all similar activities are sports that have a risk and imply a danger inherent to said activities, which cannot be completely eliminated even when there is some degree of prevention, care, precaution, instruction or experience. The participant knows and understands the range of nature and extent of the risks involved in the activity contemplated in this contract. In these sports, unforeseen events may arise for which no responsibility can be derived from any of the parties, due to the fortuitous nature and known by the participant. The participant accepts the risks and possible consequences that the practice of swinging entails.

    THIRD CLAUSE.- Term of contract: This contract is in force from the moment it is signed and continues in force for all the time in which the PARTICIPANT carries out the activities within this contract.

    FOURTH CLAUSE.- Insurance: The OPERATOR has contracted the Civil Liability and Accident Insurance policy with the CASER insurance company with number 01304314 with a limit of €1,000,000 with unlimited assistance that covers the value of medical services, the value of damages mentioned in this agreement.

    FIFTH CLAUSE.- When I suffer from any Illness: If I suffer from any illness or ailment that prevents swinging from being practiced or intentionally hides it or lies when answering about medical restrictions, the OPERATOR is not responsible for the consequences generated by the practice of These activities, it is understood that for the practice of the activities, the participant is and must be carried out in mental and physical sound judgment, it is prohibited to carry them out under the influence of alcohol and/or psychotropic substances.

    SIXTH CLAUSE.- When I go with Minors: When the person who wishes to practice the activity is under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied or authorized in writing by their parents or guardians, who will sign this contract on behalf of the minor, assuming after reading it, in his capacity as guardian, any responsibility for the practice that the minor performs in any of the activities mentioned here.

    Application or interpretation of CONDITIONS: For all purposes included in these general conditions SPANISH commercial law will be applied.

    The ADULT signing above, accepts responsibility for the children named below

    with full ability to act, I declare that I have read, I fully understand and I accept the statement that follows:
    That the aforementioned minors freely participate in the activities of SWINGING SWING, which takes place in the town of Hoz de Jaca and its surroundings, permanently and organized by ZIP LINE EXPERIENCE S.L., and that having registered I accept the established conditions.
    That said minors are at the time of carrying out the activity under my guardianship, assuming any responsibility as far as minors are concerned.


    As long as you comply with the limitations on height (minimum 1.20 m. / Maximum 2.15 meters tall) and weight (minimum 50 Kg./ maximum 125 kg.) As well as restrictions in terms of capacity listed in this LIABILITY AGREEMENT.


    Users must be between 50 Kg. and 125 Kg.


    Once you have checked-in at the company's office, you will follow the following itinerary: Walk out to the Hoz de Jaca Viewpoint where the departure platform is located (approximately 400 meters). There it will be equipped and will wait for its turn to swing. An operator will check your harnesses and attach them to the swing's balancing system and… Let's fly!!
    The activity will be carried out simultaneously by up to three people, being able to interact with their swinging partners. Once the balancing is finished, the operator will return them to the starting point through a traction system.tes.

    The duration of the entire activity, from the moment the harness is put on until it is returned, is 15 – 20 minutes.


    Lee detenidamente este documento antes de continuar tu reserva

    - El peso para realizar la actividad estará entre 50 y 125 kg.

    - El columpio tiene un máximo de 2 plazas. Siempre se intentará atender las demandas del cliente, pero por cuestiones logísticas los monitores tendrán potestad para cambiar las parejas si lo cree conveniente para el buen funcionamiento de la actividad.

    - En caso de salto en pareja, la diferencia de pesos entre los dos participantes será de 50kg máximo. Con una diferencia superior, el salto será individual.

    - Por su seguridad, los operarios del columpio tienen prohibido realizar fotografías, vídeos ni cualquier otra actividad que pueda desviar su atención.

    - Es obligatorio estar en la oficina de información de la Tirolina-Columpio 15 minutos antes de la hora de su reserva.

    Condiciones Generales

    Política de Cancelación

    - Se cancelará la reserva con devolución íntegra o cambio de fecha si:

    • La meteorología impide realizar la actividad.
    • Si se solicita vía e-mail antes de 48 h previas al evento.

    La continuación de la reserva indica la aceptación de estas normas.

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